Smooth Operator, Cherish me
Better Be Good to Me
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Show me your Method of Modern Love
It’s clear The Heat Is On
So bring in The Wild Boys
Take on Me, Do What You Do
Lay Your Hands on Me
Bloody my head like a Raspberry Beret
For I ain’t no Born in the USA

But now that The Search Is Over
Don’t You Forget About Me
Even as I Shout in pain
Even when I Can’t Fight This Feeling
I will never, Never Surrender
To your OutofTouch, Careless Whisper
Calling me “disruptive and belligerent”
Oh, Penny Lover, I ain’t no Missing You
Money for Nothing but Separate Lives
It is all Too Late for Goodbyes

p.s. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free; Saving All My Love For You:


Colin Lee


Note: Prompted by dVerse’s Poetics: Oldies but Goodies, No Matter the Age, I used 26 titles from the Billboard of my birth year to say all that I have to say about the outrageous incident.

Photo Courtesy: BBC

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  1. Okay……..before I comment on your reply…..I JUST now realized that the red “square” under your name is your “chop.” At least I think it is??? Have been to China a number of times and while on the wall, had a very elderly man make my chop….consequently used it with red ink when signing all of my letters of admission to the graduate students who came to us from China. Still have it in my desk. Apologies if this is not a chop….but it sure looks like it. For anyone else reading this: a chop is a stamp of sorts, with your name in Chinese characters. You’ll find them for example, on an artist’s painting.
    Now, the poem……..well done and LOVED that you went a little crazy with all the titles! They all work very well here and I can hear almost all of them in my head! Wake Me Up Before You Go Go is the most “intoxicating” one — as in, easiest to become an ear worm and run through my head the rest of the day. As to the incident….very very sad indeed as we are loyal fliers of this airline and too bad that one individual could react to a situtation so badly and use violent measures to solve a problem that surely could have been handled in another fashion. Add to that the poor first public response by the airline to the incident and you have a pr nightmare for the company as well as a horrible incident for this individual to remember for a long long time…as well as other passengers on the flight. Very sad situation made into a worldwide incident because of the prevalence of social media in our lives.
    So — back to the poem….which is very fun indeed. Glad you posted to the prompt!

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    1. The red square. Yes, that’s my chop. The squiggles are in the seal script, an ancient Chinese font somewhat equivalent to western blackletters, when aesthetics was more valued than practicality. The three characters are the transliteration of “Colin Lee”; and apparently the combination for “Colin” means a “tall giraffe” — although I’m neither imposing nor slender.

      The prompt. Thank you for your approval, Lillian. Interesting prompt indeed, and as I browsed around, I found myself more familiar with the oldies than the pop songs of my years. (Oh well, my Dad always tells me to “look forward” and leave his era to his lot.)

      The incident. Truly upsetting … thus my use of ironies for emotional recovery. On the bright side, the incident will lead to change and improvement for sure, now that global attention is given.

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    1. I wonder too. A lottery?

      It was Tomb-sweeping last week in China, probably quite a bit of traffic for Mrs Hubeny. Was her absence the inspiration for your relativistic love poem? 🙂 Akin to the “hearts grow fonder” idiom, the Chinese has a saying: A little absence beats a honeymoon. 😉

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  2. So sad and disgusting to watch that video that went viral ~ I can think of some other ways to handle this situation but this is now a pr disaster ~ Not taking that flight for sure ~

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  3. I don’t imagine it will be crowded on United Airlines for quite a while, for sure. That was a major disaster for them. Years ago before smartphones, they could have gotten away with it, not now. That’s a great comeback!

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