With all the time in the world at our fingertip,
When a million stars and nebulae were waiting,
Waiting in line across the Milky Way
To dazzle humanity
In the darkest of nights,
Yet we clenched the stardust in our fists
Only to watch it slip away like sand
Until every pinch and every grain had drifted
Into the void
Of runaway time.

And they say,
Time flies when you’re having fun.

Colin Lee


Despite the pandemic, the sweatshop has been unusually busy this year. With the meagre leisure still affordable whilst working from home, I’ve taken a break from poetry and focused instead the remnant of my creativity elsewhere. Anyway, I’m grateful that 2020 is coming to a close. There’s so much I wish to say, and so much more I wish not to. Perhaps, I’ll leave it to my upcoming work to speak for myself. Stay tuned.


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