Though written as an uncomplicated children’s rhyme, the selection’s epilogue serves as the manifesto for my creative desires and the prompting to launch my own blog. Today, I am still a goldfish in the tank, but with some hopping and flopping, some practices and postings, I hope, some day soon, I’ll be living my dream, free as a fish in the streams.

This is a personal favourite of mine. To a world of polarised politics and chaos, it may be worthwhile to review our lessons before charging blindly into the unknown of the future.

The Vernal Rain

An experimental, mushy play of words with an overstretched monorhyme, unfortunately lacking as much clarity as the depicted weather.


The titular work of my maiden selection poked fun at my own gruelling, trial-and-error novice experience, as a hat off to fellow hobbyists and craftsmen, for the courage to embrace our creative challenges.

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