Creed to Rhyme with Years

Rhyming poetic levity with philosophic gravity in a crisp, 44-word echo.

Limp-a-leg on Messy Rhymes

My first take on a limerick. The pesky metre and tricky rhymes are beyond what I initally expected for a lunch-break poem.


Commenting on the most outrageous incident in aviation history using 26 titles from the Billboard of my birth year.

What Are You, O Little One?

As Grace said, to write one poem, one has to read a thousand of them. And as a new blogger who just spent a month gorging on living, breathing poetry (written by living, breathing poets), and a week and half of subsequent indigestion, I am feeling the emergence of a new voice in my head.


A timely prompt for a quadrille: a 44-word poem on the midnight thunder, overnight drizzle and morning dew.

This is a personal favourite of mine. To a world of polarised politics and chaos, it may be worthwhile to review our lessons before charging blindly into the unknown of the future.

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