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Note: The following blog introduction was originally posted at This Is the Beginning: Why I Am Here on 17th February, 2017. For a more recent review, please see my post The Not-So-Nervous Novice on 7th July, 2017.


Penman • Physicist • Pianist • Pescetarian • Paper-tiger Pop

I believe I am like everyone else: confronted by the same mundane struggles, baffled by our similarly unique limitations, living a day at a time, yearning for connections, searching for happiness, unravelling the purposes of life.

My day job is unsurprisingly uninspiring, whereby, for five days a week, I appease the unappeasable, reason with the unreasonable, and attempt the unattemptable. Yet, at the end of the day, as overworked parents of three, my wife and I are grateful for this humble means of securing a roof over our heads and putting bread on our table.

My plethora of hobbies used to span from music to martial arts, RPGs to rowing, trekking to theatre production, until it was largely elbowed aside by family commitment. Writing has marginally survived, owing to its affordability; by the same token, I still, occasionally, play the piano – that is, when my children release it from their percussive renditions.

Having resided in three or four countries, I am a third-culture individual, an often-misunderstood in-between. My speech is clumsy, since English is not my first language, while neither is my native tongue readily used. In addition, my autistic disposition, though thankfully mild (I hope!), recurrently perplexes friends and family in my verbal communication. Hence, not only is writing the anchorage for my culturally disoriented mind, it is also my safe passage for ferrying ideas and emotions across an ever turbulent world.

So, here I am, not to stand answerable to expectations and critiques, but to journal through my fears and dreams with utmost candour, creating and crafting to my heart’s delight.

Welcome to my blog!


Colin Lee




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  1. I love that last part– “not to stand answerable to expectations and critiques”. I wish I wrote that! That says it perfectly-a flow of easy and free creativity, and I hope you don’t stop writing. In a pinch an envelope will do, or the side of the newspaper.

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