La Vie en Turquoise

A little blue, a little green,
A little lifetime in between—
Between the first of summer’s storms
And the last of autumn’s warmth.
In lover’s green and loner’s blues
It flirted, fluttered, flitted through—
A pretty life, a pretty end,
Forever quiverless and spent.


Colin Lee


I spotted a dead butterfly (or moth?) in the factory (as shown in the featured image) and wrote this little rhyme today. Having noticed the poem was 44-word long, I popped over to dVerse and wondered if it fitted the pub’s Quadrille Monday of the week—and it did. What’s more, the prompt word “quiver” made an even better ending than my original.

14 thoughts on “La Vie en Turquoise

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  1. You have captured the vibrant colours of the butterfly in your poem, Colin, and brightened up my day! I love the line: ‘In lover’s green and loner’s blues’ and the alliteration in ‘It flirted, fluttered, flitted through’. I’m glad it had a pretty end.

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    1. Thank you, Kim. The current affairs in our city which prompted me to write this, however, were a little more tragic than pretty. As some would say … only the good die young (though deep down I hate this saying myself!).

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