Black & White

When wearing black becomes a crime
And being young becomes a sin,
The wicked mock and call us damned,
The unjust watch and clap their hands.
As secret tears surge deep within,
Silent fear fills everywhere.
On the bus and on the train,
In the lifts and in the minds,
Solid grief hangs in the air.


Colin Lee


Last night, streetfuls and trainloads of random citizens were openly and brutally attacked by pro-establishment thugs in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. The white-shirt thugs unleashed terror upon everyone they came across with, regardless of what they wore (or their political disposition). Be it men or women, reporters, children, the elderly or even a pregnant woman, they beat everyone up, with the help of the operator who kept the train doors open for half an hour. Subsequently, Junius Ho, a pro-establishment legislator, was seen (and photographed) congratulating the thugs on their operation. The same legislator has also been championing the Support Police Movement, which has recently donated millions to the police. Not unexpectedly, throughout the atrocious development of the evening, the police had turned off the hotline, rejected calls of report and shut themselves in their stations. After ample time for the thugs to indulge in their lust for violence, the police slowly showed up, not to arrest any of them, but to escort them to safety. The police nonetheless took pains to search, interrogate and disperse the reporters and victims instead. A few occasions of cordial exchanges between the thugs and police were also witnessed and photographed.

Thugs beating up random travellers, preventing them from exiting the train station:

2019.07.22 Black & White 1

Thugs unleashed terror from one train compartment to the next until every car was splattered with blood:

2019.07.22 Black & White 2

A pregnant woman was beaten up as well:

2019.07.22 Black & White 3

A volunteer who tried to direct victims to safety:

2019.07.22 Black & White 4

Junius Ho congratulating the thugs:

Please lift us up in prayers.

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  1. Oh no! Such sadness and violence. Please be safe my friend. Your family comes first. I am truly speechless. Never thought such a cosmopolitan city and nation would stoop so low. My prayers are with you. This is of grave concern.

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    1. I grew up in Yuen Long myself, and, unlike the rest of HK, the border town is pretty much its own country run by the indigenous bumpkins, so it’s quite common for some policemen and gangsters to be cousins and neighbours. The neighbourhood was a little rough even when back in the good days; I myself was bullied and almost got roughed up by two dozens of boys in one occasion.

      The region has long been a significant source of influence and manpower for the establishment, so much so the two latest CEs had to meet with the thug lords and garner their support before ascending to power.

      Thank you for your prayers — much needed. Most shops are now closed in Yuen Long as rumour has it that the thugs are planning to shed more blood tonight, with blades and weapons instead of just sticks. (Thanks to the encouraging support of the police.)

      For accurate local cover in English, we only have RTHK:


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