Twenty Two Years

Don’t you hear the sound of grieving
For the dying of our city?
Too soon, too sudden—it’s deceiving—
Not even halfway to fifty.
And don’t you rage against this thieving
Of hope, this trampling of bitty
Boys and girls without any pity?
Oh, how I feel an urge for leaving,
Faraway from these sly and shifty
Who’re murdering our beloved city!
Surely you find me disbelieving,
For we’ve always been brave and gritty;
But, what are we without our city?
What are we without our city?


Colin Lee



7 thoughts on “Twenty Two Years

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  1. from one who loves the city, your words resonate, I love nature but always have an affinity to the vibrancy of a city. really love this one Colin, full of passion, the questions make the poem so strong

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    1. It’s an unprecedentedly troubling time here in Hong Kong. Most everyone I’ve talked to, whatever their political inclination, by now is so, so drained from all the turmoil. People are either leaving, talking about leaving, or wishing to leave. Quite a sad state of affairs. 😦

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