A Dog’s Life

A glitch in a world of fools
Strained at a leash of broken dreams
For a round of fetch in yesteryears.
Whilst at last put down with untold gratitude,
Swallowed up in chocolate-coated mercy,
The beast howled instead in unfelt anguish
For having bitten on his own tail
During this eternity of evanescence.


Colin Lee



Photo Courtesy: Pexels

9 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

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  1. i sense tiredness and overwhelming. doing the same but not getting better results. that is why they call it a dog’s life maybe? hope all is well with you my dear friend

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    1. Thank you, Gina. I suppose this short piece has disclosed quite a good deal of personal struggle and stupidity; and I’m truly grateful for your observation and empathetic response.

      Should the poet remain a happy fool? Here, I chose the word “glitch”, because any departure from the “norm” wouldn’t be of his own making, but rather accidental. There’s neither choice nor return. Not a system failure, just a glitch—pesky but petty. Still, he’s a fool, no less, in a world of fools, just as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, “I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly, but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind.”

      He’s lived a loyal creature all his life. But what for? The sweet reward to many is but a dog’s poison to himself. It’ll destroy him and he knows it; still he braves it anyway in his cowardice.

      Here it is, a dog’s life—blind, but not unaware, to the real conundrum, yet keeping himself busy instead with self-inflicted, self-seeking, meaningless misery.

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      1. your dissertation holds a lot of angst my friend, but it is good to write it all out, get it out of the system. so much we can learn from the animal kingdom and their behaviours, your poem says that and so much more. in frustration we humans will abandon good sense, but a dog just knows to keep on going on, focused, single minded on a purpose. he braves it anyway in his cowardice, I think it’s more steadfastness knowing it is fruitless but necessary. you have a way of putting the nitty gritty into perspective. but your goodness comes through every line.

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      2. we have new understanding of evil as we age and gain those experiences and sometimes it just permeates into our sense of judgement. we must never let a lie substantiate the truth. you have much wisdom my friend, it is good to listen to you

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