On fuzzy footing
A whimsy reflection stares,
Through a glass darkly,
At the fluttering affairs
Of other realities.


Colin Lee


Another after-work snap and scribble—and, once again, a tanka in form but not in spirit.

As for the beauty above, I found it clinging to the office’s glass door today. (Any offer to identify the unknown lepidopteran would be appreciated. We’re at the subtropical southeast of China.) With the improvement of air quality in recent years, I feel there might have been a minor recovery of zoological diversity locally. (I might be wrong, but I hope not.)

2 thoughts on “Still

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  1. Colin, now you are going to make me feel guilty for killing moths in my house! But I can justify by saying ours are not as unique as yours.

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    1. This made me wonder … why would moths be exterminated as pests but butterflies welcomed in most gardens? Quite unfortunate for these night-shift pollinators, isn’t it?


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