A dream which had just sunk in,
Now a void slapped hard in my face.
Agony for which I didn’t brace—what grief!
However time forbade to know.
Thus, wearily, I watched it go,
Without a parting tear to show.
This hope—it had not even been.


Colin Lee


Forgive me, I’m not inclined to elaborate on this recent experience, which is still fresh and trying.

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    1. Thanks, Gina. We kept it mostly to ourselves. Business as usual. Smiles and “fine, thank you” to most everyone. No doubt, we’re very grateful for what we have, and for the good neighbours who give us physical and mental support. Apart from taking in the shock, I think I have a need to grieve, but I just don’t know how (behind an autistic fence). It’s much harder on my wife, still, she’s been more resilient than I thought. Proud of her.

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      1. her strength is from the love and support you give her. grieve in your own way Colin, whether it is through music or just writing a poem, allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you need. and heal from there. know I am thinking about you and your family, please, please reach out if you need to…my…anytime

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      2. Thank you, Gina. I’ve slowly recovered from the spell of lethargy (though life and work have kept us breathless, to be honest). The void has been quite quickly filled out by the laughter and joy from the time spent with our kids over the typhoon and yesterday’s holiday. We are waiting for the lab result, which is due this Friday. Pray all will be well. To distract myself, I’ve begun a new piece of writing (which is slightly more ambitious than my last). That might take a while.

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      3. the typhoon has been wrecking havoc in a lot of parts. glad to hear you are slowly getting energy back to the bones again! kids can bring out the best in us even when we don’t want to be happy. I am glad you are spending time with them. prayers are with you and all good wishes and hopes Colin, know you are not alone, I am just a message away of you ever need anything that I could possibly help with. I am sure the writing is not only a distraction but some therapy for you. I think of you and the fam often, sending only the best of thoughts and wishes. Be blessed!

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      4. Thank you, Gina. My wife still cried over the loss today, but we are recovering well. All thanks to your prayers and wishes. We spent a good deal of time together in the past weeks, enjoying the outdoor and planning a short holiday — that sort of things. Yes, we are blessed … and extra blessed to have a friend like you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Jane. The initial shock took a while to sank in, and only after a couple of days the restlessness hit home like a hefty jet lag. A bit hard to focus. Mentally drained. But we should be alright.


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