Rain on Our Charade

Pitter-pattering footsteps
Of mine and yours and strangers’
Splash through ankle-deep puddles
In which our times never rain but pour.
Under a grey and greying umbrella sky,
Homeward memories retrace
Whatever amiss and missing
During our quiet pretence to bustle.


Colin Lee


The featured image was taken in my commute across the border town. The colourful evening bustle set before a monotoned backdrop caught my attention and I duly snapped the picture thereof. Whilst the prolonged rainstorm has swamped much of our northern suburbs, the authorities in their comfortable, flood-proof downtown office benevolently kept our life moving nonetheless.

2018.08.31 Rain on our Charade 2This weather has given me a hefty spell of lethargy and back pain—perhaps a lame rain check to the blog as well. In the foreseeable future, I will continue to have limited freedom to writing, following and commenting—my sincere apologies—not quite apropos to say on the 200-follows milestone (and, simultaneously, 100 for the Facebook page), I suppose? Having said that, thank you all, old friends and new, for allowing me to intrude your inboxes and newsfeed with my humble scribbles. In this season, I’ve also reduced my commitment to prompts and writing workshops in order to re-calibrate my voice, taste and focus in this creative space. You might have noticed earlier this month I even tried my hands on a short story, The Curtain. It’ll certainly not be the only one. And I won’t restrain myself from other genres either.

Although the local economy is under threat, the trade conflict has swept new demands our way. After a few years of downsizing and cost-cutting, our sweatshop is looking to recovery and re-expansion at last. So, here I am, gratefully pretending busy again.

2 thoughts on “Rain on Our Charade

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  1. we have had drought, but i know the rains will come soon, an odd time for Ghost month though, but things are changing out of our control. I hope you aches get better Colin and you find the writing voice, yet another stage in life we all must metamorphosis through. struggles can be sweet, take it all in stride I now you have the strength of character. love your photo it reminds me of my visits to Hong Kong in the past, a lot of good memories too. the sounds you created in your poem echoes that of life we lead, very acute and honest. it’s not in the quantity we produce, but the quality, your musings inform me that I too must have more deliberation in writing. but I am all fluff most days! BTW – watched Crazy rich Asians last night and now that was a lot of fluff! but it showed a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia I am proud of, mainly because I have been to those and it looks so glamorous on camera as it is in real life. take care Colin, don’r know how this comment just went on and on, my apologies for being so long winded.


  2. Love your photo and phrase, “greying umbrella skies”…which is exactly what we’re experiencing on our drive home from Labor Day family reunion. Wish you the best in your sweatshop and writing!


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