Happy 7th Anniversary, dVerse!

The seven steadily sedulous years
Have ushered in unnumbered works and folks
Extending genuine friendships and cheers.

I’m o’erprivileged to share in your yokes,
To drench in your tears and choke on your jokes,
Companioned by y’all poets extraordinaire.
Hurrah to dVerse! Bon anniversaire!


Colin Lee


Here’s my 7-line rhyme royal, 7-year-itch-prompt (acrostic), 44-word quadrille special for celebrating dVerse’s 7th anniversary. Kudos to all the committed hearts and minds rostered to marathon the poetry trails for our creative community day in, day out. Thank you! Happy Anniversary!

Photo Courtesy: Pexels

36 thoughts on “Happy 7th Anniversary, dVerse!

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  1. Oh Colin! I am catching up on my reading and commenting for the anniversary weeks’ prompts…and with yours, I’ve completed the Quadrille readings….and oh what a perfect one to end the posts to this prompt! The acrostic and celebrity message are perfect!

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    1. Oh, dear, dear nosaint. How kind you are. Thank you! I’m only more proud to be read by you. Re the mix of vernaculars, I guess one of these days I should toss in a dash of Chinese for a change. Hah!

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  2. a very happy birthday wish indeed from you Colin, dverse has been exactly that for so many of us, a familiar place to write and meet those who love words. a place where I have had the pleasure and honour to meet some really amazing people. a catchy quadrille filled with precious words.


    1. Thank you, Gina. I can’t believe I’ve been away for sooooo long. Never been more hectic (and drained) in my career.

      Btw, I like your new profile picture. You’ve got a contagious smile. 😉

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      1. i know! it seems ages since i read a post from you. how are you? work is crazy for me too but writing is always my therapy. i hope the family are all well too.

        blushing now about the photo and smile….thank you Colin.

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      2. I’ve been writing something on and off for the past two weeks. Will certainly tag you once I’m posting it. 🙂

        I meant to say … (and if this will help ease the blood circulation) … you look very pretty in the picture. 😆

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      3. oh i so look forward to that! you always come up with something brilliant. take your tiime.

        thank you again, i am really not good at receiving compliments, you are very sweet to say. my eldest daughter suggested this photo.

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