Confessio, a Sonnet

What in this man may I extol, truly?
Some say a man’s a beast plus a soul; but
When beasts don’t nip a nibble unduly,
Man craves a craving far beyond his gut.
His gaze on fleeting eyefuls fast fixates
Yet refuses his flaws the quickest glimpse.
With boiling blood, his tongue the whole world slates—
Till toiling’s entailed and he joins the wimps.
There’s always time to preach his own misery,
But none is spared for others in his way.
Soft are his ears for the faintest flattery,
To which no dumber beasts have fallen prey.
What in this flawed and frail may I extol—
Who’s more than a beast and less than a soul?


Colin Lee


Sonnets have a special place in my heart, and I tend to write one every half a year (even before the start of this blog). Whilst caught in a season of retracing past steps (which I dubbed Uncreate), today’s poem has somewhat fallen short of the desired calibre taken by the likes of Poiesis (in which I concluded, quite ironically, that the will and ills of the poet alone define the verse)—and here’s the flawed and frail giving it away a year after. Hah.

p.s. The picture is a Blake’s. Guess who?

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

4 thoughts on “Confessio, a Sonnet

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  1. I love this one Colin! As we watch the greed and rhetoric in the world around us one might conclude that man is evolving backwards to a level lower yet than the animals!! Nothing much left to extol!!

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    1. Wonderful to read your comment, sir. 🙂 And now in the 21st century, man no longer evolves via “natural” selection any more than the technological advances of our own making. Step by step, with our memories uploaded to the cloud, our means of living augmented by our gadgets and tools, and our social nature taken over by the virtual realities and media, will humanity within this imminent cyborg species be even more diminished? Will these advances merely be developed to serve new forms of greed and self-interest? Will our enhanced connections fail just as much as their telephony ancestors in the promotion of social harmony and conscience? I do wonder!

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      1. I resisted the advances of technology into my life as much as possible. But, eventually conceded to selling my soul to the machine and signed up for facebook, google, and got an iPhone! I enjoy facebook, but it is quite obvious that Big Brother Google is watching everything! Scary!! We seem to take comfort over truth and turn a blind eye to the reality.
        I really enjoyed your poem and your great response to my comment. Thank you.

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