To My Younger Self

So sharp, so slim and oh-so smart, boy, you deserve
Much more confidence than your naysayers presume.
Bull and bullies (undodged bullets!) shall not unnerve
Your fineness, flair and fibre that are yet in bloom.
You owe me no pennies of promise or pain per se;
You’re simply the reason for the way I am today.


Colin Lee


Albeit the near-narcissistic tone in this poem, given my younger self was battered with self-denial and doubt, he could have overcome his many fears with an assurance as such. I thought of how often an advice to ones’ younger self takes off from a burden of regret and shame for a vain desire to redeem the irredeemable. Perhaps, we may all cut our younger selves some slack for the mistakes made and lessons learnt. Be a bit more grateful, and give them a pat on the back instead—and here goes mine!

11 thoughts on “To My Younger Self

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  1. Such a beautiful poem, colin. I think we should definitely cut some slack for our younger selves, after all only through their unique (maybe mistake ridden) experience, we have gained the wisdoms we own now. However our life was, and will be, we should own it! Your poem inspires me to write a poem for my younger self. Maybe tip him towards the writing side during the college days, because that four years could have been put to better use!

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    1. And who is to know what is better for us? Whichever we so pridefully embrace for a while might one day be the subject of our scorn … for instance, like that embarrassingly underperforming football team (ahem!).

      Thank you for your reading and this thoughtful comment, Jay. 😉

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  2. i like the reflective pose Colin, looking over your shoulder but standing upright not slouching, ready to take on the world and not worrying about how to do it, i get that from your posture and i think this is you in real life too, you roll with the punches and take the lessons with a pinch of humour and dash of sobriety. we all do this, regret and wish our younger selves better wisdom and prudence. this poem holds much truth about every generation, its a conscience we develop from life experiences. i think you have done well in spite of your misgivings and doubts, reflecting on it to me means you have put value to your history. i love this poem very much, will be sharing it with my kids later today. our weekend brunch discussion! have a lovely weekend to you and your sweet family.

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    1. Thank you, Gina the gracious. I feel loved whenever I pick up your messages … each one is like a well chosen Christmas pressie. Lately, I really struggle to make time (and a quiet mind) for the blog and reading. Gotta keep rolling with the punches. Ha!

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      1. aww you have made my day with that! we all go through the cycles of having inspiration and time and then suddenly none of either. I wish you both my friend as your words are just like that to me too, wonderful surprises wrapped up in the prettiest wrappers!

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