The Winds of Change

If I could summon any gust or breeze
From any ravine or mountain range
To any shore or sea as I please,
Then let me usher in the winds of change.

Let me deliver rain to slate all droughts
  And keep winter off the poor and thin.
Let me chase away the clouds of doubt
  And stir up unmoved hearts from deep within.
Let me clear the sky where hope must gleam
  And lift the wings of each fallen dream.
Let me be the whispers of unconfess’ed love
  And oblivion for all sorrow and shame.
Let me take the unjust land by storm
  And slam the gates of Hades shut.
Let me muffle the bugle calls from fools
  And nip the flames of war in the bud.
Let me weather the pride of wicked men
  And dust their loving-kindness off again.
Let me gather the ashes of the innocent
  And bring them home to blissful Heaven.
Let me dry the tears of the childless
  And tenderly cradle the motherless.
Let me be the voice for those in despair
  And ears to every unheard prayer.

But why … why must a gust or breeze be called upon
When change begins from you and me?
If so, why can’t this day be the very dawn
For us to live out love with joy and with glee?


Colin Lee


After being tied down by a month of extensive work duties and travels, here I am, panting for a second wind as the year huffs its halftime whistle.

Photo Courtesy: Openclipart

31 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

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  1. I have no spoken words to praise, but my heart’s words which sings in happiness. The last stanza was a diamond studded on the already beautiful, and glowing gold. Your poem also made me realize how many weather related metaphors are there, and you gracefully spun all of it in your wonderful poem. Wise, and Kind as I wish everyone in this world to be!

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    1. Thanks. And I miss you a lot too, Jilly. It’s been a crazy, hectic season. I hope I will have done all this year’s hard work by next week and have a second half which is so boring that I must write and read more! Ha!

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  2. oh my heart read this over so many times and each time I felt the tremors deep, you have come back strong and with an important message. that you write with the repetition of let me, you want to carry the burden, you have the strength to withstand the rigours of life and want to be the bulwark against the roughness of life. this poem is like the greats from Frost and Yeats, truly indescribable beauty my friend.

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    1. Dearest Gina, I blushed at reading your compliment. Well, who can carry a burden alone, and who can usher in changes single-handedly throughout the roughness of life? Though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. I might dream; I might aspire; but, like any piteous mortal soul, I shant boast. A reminder or encouragement to self … but nothing more. Thank you truly, my beloved friend. 🙂

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      1. oh i always assumed you had 3 girls for some reason, my bad. 2 boys and a girl, she’s going to be so pampered and protected, lucky darling. HAHA! I like that “roll” model, you are lots of fun and full of warmth Colin, your kids are very blessed.


  3. A beautiful and moving poem of love and kindness ~ Yes let is start with ourselves ~ Really love this part best:

    Let me muffle the bugle calls from fools
      And nip the flames of war in the bud.
    Let me weather the pride of wicked men
      And dust their loving-kindness off again.

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