Power Shortage

While an overture
Of cicadas and crickets
Lullabied the land,
The night sky draped its curtain
And put the restless to rest.

Colin Lee


Due to a malfunction of our regional grid yesterday, we had a less productive evening in the factory. Funny to think we just sold our Volvo generator two months ago after half a decade of disuse. Apart from the loss of production hours, the balmy weather probably had wrecked the corner shop’s ice cream (Old Mai’s favourite), which the owner had only stocked up this week. Anyway, I read a good amount of yarn under torchlight nonetheless.

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  1. so resourceful to have a torchlight handy and spend it reading. I feel a kinship of sorts, never to let a bad situation get worse and make the best of our time. Well done to you! What were you reading if I may ask? Did the power stay out for very long? hopefully you did not have to make up the hours. very melodic tanka.

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    1. Thanks, Gina. The “torchlight” was nothing other than the phone’s LED lamp augmented by a 1L bottle of water – bright as a campfire, consuming only 3% of battery over three hours. Quite grateful for the air-conditioning’s return by bedtime, I must say. As for my reading, it was a Ken Follett’s called The Man From St Petersburg, less verbose than his usual, but not very exciting either. With his long-winded narratives, occasional obscenity and innocent leftist ideal, Follett is a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine to indulge in when my brain calls for a break. (And there goes my secret!) 😛

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      1. that is so ingenious of you! and yes thankfully the AC came back on, I can’t sleep without it even if its a cool night, too pampered. I have not heard of that book and grinned at your mini review. Long winded narratives are like going around the mulberry bush sort of writing that makes me go back to the start if I loose concentration. However it helps sharpen the mind to be thinking as we read those long explanations. I admire your perseverance to complete reading a book with all those challenges. I am sure he had a lot of characters too! Your secret’s safe with me Colin. It can be rather decadent to have such a vice.

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      2. Thanks, Gina. The secret is out now, anyway. 😉 I do wonder why some authors tend to write better stories when they are … naughtier. Anyway, Wifey’s just reminded me, this morning, to return to the more decent part of the shelf. I bet she is right.

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