Vanity of Sanity

As a lightning bolt pierces the night,
I blink the dazzle away to find
Not a ghost,
Nor a shadow—
Whilst my ears remain deafened
In the bygone, menacing laughter,
Still mocking
At this piteous soul,
This scavenger of faded memories,
Who rummage mindlessly in the dark.

Perhaps, the dark is not the night,
But an unlit chamber,
In which the captive has locked himself up,
With a loaded pistol pointing at the door,
Vowing to resist his rescuers.
O, truth and wisdom, leave him be!
Leave him in the solace
Of his own echoes and deceits.
Leave his faithful soul to go on carolling
Love songs without love
And amuse neither God nor men.

Piteous, piteous dreamer,
What now can you see?
Why have you beseeched your dreams
To pour out what your vision can’t contain?
Now that the bank of your sanity is burst
And every scrap of follies is drowned out,
You blink your stupor away to find
Not a ghost,
Nor a shadow—
Amidst the deafening silence in the dark.


Colin Lee


Life’s been sucking the wits out of me lately.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Vanity of Sanity

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  1. hope you get some respite soon Colin, but this was a magnificent piece of work. The marrow is still thick and your words coming out strong. Though I did shudder at the weapon pointed at the door.

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    1. Thank you and no worries, Gina. I was more or less exploring the insane features of so-called sanity. The gun in some way represents the growing hostility towards social and philosophical openness these days. Perhaps it sounds relevant to you today as well … with the Malaysian election and such, doesn’t it? Pray there’ll be a miracle.

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      1. Thank you for your prayers, they helped as you can tell from the recent election results. A new government in 60 years! miracle indeed and peace prevailed. Fine line between insanity and the lucid mine Colin, those who can cross those borders make the most sense.

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      2. Incredible! I waited for a couple of days to see if nasty caveats would be tossed in the pool. Now it seems you guys have actually done it! How awesome. A true miracle of civil progress at a time when the world is mostly dumbed down. Proud of you Malaysians. Well done.

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      3. it was momentous to say the least and now its also sorting through the nitty gritty of setting up a new government. change was inevitable, the young generation of Malaysia have spoken loud and clear. in the past the race card was played but now there seems to be a solidarity formed to achieve a better life for everyone. Thank you Colin, i am still keeping on praying that peace and good governance will prevail for all of us here.

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  2. Colin, the angst is palpable and the line between sanity/insanity is thin. My dad struggles (with bipolar disorder) in the (not so) merry month of May too…is this a seasonal occurrence, I wonder? Hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Thank you, Lynn. I hope I’m still on this side of the fence, albeit struggling to keep my foothold on a daily dosage of farcical amusement (to which most people refer as the daily news). Well, the stormy days of May do have their merry ways, no less. Cheers, my friend.

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