Sketches in a Zoo

… With his bald spot hidden,
Along with his age,
By a shaved head,
He charms his way
To a good bargain …

… The small Chinese girl
Elevated with heels no shorter
Than her calves, praying
To her late, bound-footed granny
For strength …

… Blending in perfectly
With shorts and trainers
And silky Mandarin,
Yet betrayed by their out-toeing gaits,
Like ducks in a chicken farm …

… The earth trembles
As the goliath tumbles
To tie his shoes …

… There, trailing behind,
A young, Hollywood smile,
As undistracting as
A B-movie sidekick’s …

… Spotless leather shoes
Gliding down the carpet,
Poised as a pair of gondolas,
Ferrying a Mediterranean visage
With hands dancing in tarantella …

… An inconspicuous kippah
Frisbeed from one stall to another,
Scarcely stopping …

… Resisting the urge to count
The heads that she’s turned,
Smiling and striving
To keep the crows from landing
Upon her velvety face…

… Grey trousers,
Baggy as the wearer’s ego,
Propping a proud potbelly
And big head
That can’t help peering down upon
The humble and hopeless heathens …

… A nobody, perhaps a poet,
In commercial captivity,
On charges of his pay cheques,
Grinning at nonchalant passers-by
Like a caged monkey in suit.


Colin Lee


Limited creative output in recent days as yours truly was assigned to man the company’s booth in a fanfare—trade fair, I mean.

Photo Courtesy: Global Sources

9 thoughts on “Sketches in a Zoo

Add yours

  1. The hell, the monotony of a trade fair – you have captured it well Colin.
    Although i don’t love trade fairs, I love people watching, giving them a history a life from my all too vivid imagination, wonder where they are going wondering where they have been…
    Thanks for taking me there and do hope your boredom (the trade fair) is nearing its close.
    Anna :o]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Anna. The booth was a truly uninspiring environment, as if behind invisible bars, whereas the follow-up work left me breathless as well.


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