Raining cats and dogs and horses
In a cacophony of bull—
Dripping through my eaves and ceilings,
Filling the buckets full.

I took each bucket out my door
And poured the muddle down the drain.
It left my porch; I watched with joy—
It’s someone else’s pain.

The sewage swelled and seethed and splashed;
The torrent swallowed me in it.
My house too fell and flowed along
The sludge and scum and shit.

I soon was joined by folks downstream.
We cried for help, albeit in vain,
While folks upstream gazed down and scoffed,
“They’re someone else’s pain.”


Colin Lee


Please excuse the language coming from a soul quite fed up with both world and local affairs.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia


7 thoughts on “Shitstorm

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  1. Well done Colin.
    The more the dominoes fall, the more fed-up we get!
    Your closing sentence describes the sad truth of abandoning our problems to others – eventually nobody cares and an awful apathy abounds.
    Anna :o]
    PS Hope you are able to dig yourself out of the mire soon. Looking at this world today, local and global, I can understand why you are fed up…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Anna, for the much needed empathy. Well, what can we do about it? As much as there’s a food chain in the human ecology, we gotta bear with the crap flow on its other side. Gotta suck it up and carry on … and thank whoever down the line for taking up our (un)fair share of mess. *sigh*


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