The Slumbrous Dreamer

Beneath the half moon’s ethereal beam,
Put to sleep is the sun the dreamers chased—
Could this be all but a slumbrous dream?

The wakeful skies, in silvery silence, teem
With crumbs of dreams the day has spilled in haste
That light the half moon’s ethereal beam.

Are fears and fancies truly what they seem,
Or fleeting notions bound to be erased—
Like memories from a slumbrous dream?

Which mortal eye can catch and trace the seam
Where the fixed and fickle are interlaced
Herein the half moon’s ethereal beam?

Men of visions dream up many a scheme,
Yet dreams decide for each if they’ll be graced—
Isn’t dreaming itself a cumbrous dream?

Awake to bread and butter, life’s regime—
Gone are the crumbs, the visions’ aftertaste,
Amid the moonset’s slowly waning beam—
Could I be all but a slumberer’s dream?


Colin Lee


If life were like the lunar phases, then I am presently neither new nor full. Perhaps, with a few more years of experience, I may be able to revisit this from a completely different angle.

Photo Courtesy: Alphacoder


31 thoughts on “The Slumbrous Dreamer

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  1. the villanelle is one of the most difficult poetry forms of all and you write this one with splendour and grace, I am bewitched by your theme of slumber and moons and dreams. This is absolutely beautiful Colin it feels like moon dust falling over my thoughts. did I mention how well you write the villanelle? you do my friend absolutely!

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  2. Well done for writing a villanelle that moves along and never sounds trite or repetitive, as mine invariably do! And I realise you are yet another who writes about the moon – we seem to have a bit of a hive mind on this occasion.

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    1. I feel fantastic whenever you drop by, Anna. Thank you for your comment. Come to think of it, the Taoist philosophy (such as that in The Governor of Nanke) somewhat beckoned as I wrote the last line.


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