A Drop in the Sea

I used to dream
How my days should gleam
How great I would be
A ripple across the sea

But soon I learned
When the tide had turned
I am but a drop
At the bottom or the top

The golden sun
I shimmered in once
Has left far behind
This soul now drifting blind

Naked came I
Naked will I die
I am but a drop
A ripple bound to stop


Colin Lee


The past few weeks had been unbelievably taxing. To be fair, Chinese New Year should be the least recuperating of all holidays. Little did I realise, and albeit having anticipated it all year, the blog’s first anniversary slipped past me unnoticed, thanks to the travelling and the demands from all fronts. Alas, let’s hope I won’t miss the next one! Anyway, it’s great to return to my creative endeavour, even though at a time haunted by much frustration.

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9 thoughts on “A Drop in the Sea

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  1. It’s great to have you back up and running, Colin! Happy anniversary! (To be honest, I have no idea when I started mine.)

    A melancholy write. I look forward to your next offering.

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  2. A Happy Anniversary from me too Colin re your year of blogging. I remember your first post, although did not realise it was same until you pointed it out.
    I am sad that you are sad, and do so hope that life has quietened down somewhat, reduced its speed and effort, giving you more ‘me’ time.
    Life unfortunately, at times, appears to throw a bad hand that we never suspected might come and leads us cast adrift. It will get better, but how hard it is as we wait.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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    1. Thank you, Anna! How can I ever forget — my blog’s first comment coming from dear you? 🙂 Your kind words warm my heart tremendously. It’s hard in these between moments, trapped in uncertainty and frustration, but it becomes much more bearable in friendly company. You must be one of the sweetest people on earth; I should thank your family and friends for releasing you to bless the rest of us. 😉


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