Scraping in my wall and ceiling,
Scratching for my turf;
’Scaping from the bricks’ unfeeling,
Snatching at my nerves.

Light which ends his tiny tunnel—
Roommate I have yet to greet;
Plight that starts my hefty trouble—
Can’t we never try to meet?


Colin Lee


Sneaking in for a brief one after some ratholing of excessive budgets. An aside: What makes a Chinese worker very happy? (A fat pay cheque? Nope.) Answer: That his colleagues are paid less than him. (Still as bafflingly true as on day one to me.) Anyway, the rathole-to-be is a real thing. (Somewhere in here, beneath the blood moonlight, someone’s thinking of me and bugging me tonight.) This rodent roomie has been widening a power duct in my ceiling and wrecking his way towards a power switch (having ruined my optical fibre, twice – smart enough to avoid the 220V, nonetheless). From the sound of it tonight, he’s only a couple feet away from the end of the tunnel. (Handyman is coming in first thing tomorrow morning.)

Talk to y’all later. (Still got chores to do.) Will come back during my holiday later this month. Cheers for now.

8 thoughts on “Rathole

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  1. I shall have to visit my WordPress Reader more often Colin, as I miss so much – but it rarely crosses my mind.
    Do hope your long-tailed rent-free lodger has been ousted by now.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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    1. Anna! How are you, my friend? How I wish to visit yours in Blogspot more often — if only our leaders can let it pass the Great Firewall. You didn’t miss much from me anyway, as I was away for about two months.

      Re the rodent in my wall and ceiling, I found a big, fat rat lying lifelessly outside of my door the week after the post — not sure if he was my roommate. Anyhow, now that I’m back in the factory after the CNY holiday, the tunnelling seems to have stopped … Wait … what’s that sound above my head?


  2. I have an abject fear of those tiny feet and whiskers and just listening to their tiny scratching and movements makes my hair stand on end. They are very clever to avoid the danger lines aren’t they? I hope by the time I am reading this your little friend has found a new home far away from your precious lines.

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