More Than Luck, a Sonnet

Some man is lucky for a Godsent wife—
Endowed, not earned—what luck in him to wield!
Vain hope it is to idly wait in life
Ever-after joy as if fate has sealed.
Nay, a good wife is luck and luck enough,
Good marriage though counts not on luck alone,
Or else love’s meaning is all but a bluff;
On good faith rather is iron with iron honed.
Don’t we too often tumble, bruised, begrimed?
Yet grimy as coke may harden and glow
Eminent diamanté glory in time;
And so will virtues of love prevail, grow.
Receive my thanks, O lover mine, then, for
Some lucky man today is none but yours.


Colin Lee


The greatest perk of having tied the knot on a New Year’s Day is the enjoyment of a granted holiday at every anniversary (ours was 11.1.1 – neat, huh?) with the whole world in a fireworky fever counting down with you (to the second!); but the danger is that it also leaves no excuse to let slip from the mind of even the most careless husband – to be fair, it does seem out of left field after bouts of frenetic Christmas celebrations.

Words cannot describe my gratitude for my goddess and queen, the wondrous woman I’m proud to call my own, the amazing mother to our three lovely children (fortunately still lovely enough despite being discounted by my genes). With her superhuman forbearance and contagious optimism, my heroine has emerged to bear the weight of my many shortcomings, doubts and fears in our scaling of the seven-year wall together. The acrostical sonnet can scarcely convey the tip of our marital iceberg, in terms of its enormous challenges and my wife’s unfailing grit to overcome them. Without her, the world would have heard no poetry from me; without her, the world would have read no poetry to me.

Today is a happy day; today is a victorious day. Thank you, my love, for everything. Happy Anniversary!

8 thoughts on “More Than Luck, a Sonnet

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    1. Serendipity indeed! Congratulations, Jilly! Hope you guys had a great celebration over the weekend — whereas my wife and I had spent the countdown battling with nappies, bottles and washing up. lol

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    1. Thank you, nosaint! I snatched the Proverbs 27 quote and tried to fit it into the rhyme; bit worried if it sounded silly — appreciate the reassurance! As for the pseudo-palindrome, thank you too for pointing out — no wonder it glitters! I’m so glad to have you witnessed this joyful moment with us. 🙂

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