Little, Little People

Little, little people
In grandiose crowns
On lofty pretexts
Fuss over peanuts
For monkey business.
Valets for jargons,
Boot boys for papers,
Footmen for gossips,
Laundrymen for pennies,
With ironed emblazonments
And cooked up legalities,
The big-corporate faces
Visit uninvitedly
To feast upon adulation
And commercial amenity,
As they parade around
In the emperor’s new clothes.


Colin Lee


A lunch-break scribble, happened to be a passable submission for dVerse’s Poetics: Leave the Porch Light On!.

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21 thoughts on “Little, Little People

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    1. Thank you, Anna. A grumpy midday write after dealing with a customer who gave us more paperwork and hassle than business. I don’t care if they are world-famous monkeys! Lol


      1. Morning, Sabio! May I ask if you’re sampling my opinion to help gauge the argument or if you’re amicably ensuring that I have no hard feelings? As one who’s born somewhat autistic, I might not be your perfect candidate to supply either answer. Lol

        Having said that, I appreciate your comments, which are most often valid. I do think highly of your knowledgeability, well, frankly, more than your tact of delivery. As much as the poets shouldn’t ignore most people (so that most people won’t ignore the poets), I think there’s a fine balance for critics likewise to not ignore the people in most poets. There’s no perfect right or wrong, as everyone has their own sweet spots for that balance. Well, that’s what I think. Just trying to be helpful here. 😉


  1. LOVE it! Spot on with what’s happening IE corporate benefits in new tax bill. Brings to mind the old adage, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Thanks for posting to the prompt! 😊

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  2. sounds like lyrics for a Dylan song – clever connotations Colin
    “Boot boys for papers,
    Footmen for gossips,
    Laundrymen for pennies,”

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    1. Thank you, Laura. It’s interesting how often corporate servants mistake themselves for their masters these days, whereas the true billionaire owners could be the friendly average-Joe neighbours on the economy class sharing our passion for Dylan (instead of, say, Domingo). 🙂


    1. Oh, that was quite a PR disaster. It did reflect the mentality I tried to express here nevertheless — that the little people see too “bigly” of themselves.


  3. i like the contradiction of the image that echo in your stunning poem, people who only think they are big but are really just another speck in the landscape of life. totally resonated with me.

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  4. I can’t help thinking of the present political atmosphere here in the U. S. I have never felt such helplessness and so small as being stepped on by a our giant self appointed dictator!

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    1. Thank you, Ms Reed. I hear ya. He’s a source of ire and irony to many (and to me quite occasionally). Well, there’ll never be a perfect leader, and we’ll always be living in the cycles where little people becoming big and fallen giants turning into dust and ashes. I guess in a way the fallibility of our society keeps those of us under the yoke well grounded to reality … and, hopefully, help us see for ourselves that we are, in the end, only little people — and that we should cut our fellow little folks some slack, perhaps?


  5. Colin, loved reading this 🙂 and read it again just because …..
    have definitely met with little people like this before with grandiose crowns ,,, little do they realize, like Gina mentioned, that they are but a speck in the emperor’s new clothes

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    1. Like a stanza I wrote before:

      “Every halo shines quite bright
      In every wearer’s eyes;
      Flattery is never trite
      In keeping solid ties.”

      Thank you for dropping by and reading, Vidya. 🙂


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