A Mad Dog’s Eyes

Stare not at a mad dog’s eyes,
Lest you expose his frightful guise
And rouse his rage to take the plunge
Of snapping at his juicy prize—
Not without a hearty crunch!
Walk calmly past a fool likewise;
Hardly you’ll see eye to eye.


Colin Lee


I heard that our prompt word for this week’s quadrille in dVerse is … “crunch”. While my head is still tingling in a creative hangover, I scribbled away with 44 unscrutinsed words that popped into mind tonight – just to keep the engine running. Will hit the hay now.

Photo Courtesy: fineartamerica.com

22 thoughts on “A Mad Dog’s Eyes

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    1. Thank you, Victoria. I have read yours (and have re-read a few times) and am personally more than impressed! I’m most humbled by your request of my opinion, especially when I know very little more (if not less!) than what I have learned in high school. I’m still taking my time to digest it and will come back with my two cents in due time. 😛

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