Who Is the Real Spooky?

I, who wander upon the forest floor
And grace the putrid time and time again,
Though recognise the path to Hades’ door,
Cannot fathom the hearts of living men:
What frail egos yet blaze from shore to shore,
With flickerin’ ethics ready to dispense
And untouch’ble evil in solid grip;
Still, they find me a spooky will-o’-the-wisp?


Colin Lee


A Halloween scribble to be shared with dVerse Poetics: The Voice of the Monster.

Photo Courtesy: deviantart.net

18 thoughts on “Who Is the Real Spooky?

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    1. Hello, Jilly. Been really drained at work … and quite numbed by the evil and cunning (and stupidity and pretence) in reality to find imaginary monsters impressive. I think a trivial sense of cynicism (and boredom) have seeped into my works in the past few weeks — however scarce they’ve been. Gotta recover my muses or faith in humanity (or both) … on the double. Happy Halloween and thanks for stopping by!


    1. Politicos, religions, reforms, movements … Whatever vehicle, even when under the noblest of banners, can often be of use in the hijack of communal rationality. And no wonder … for the devil himself masquerades as an angel of light.


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