The Chocolatey Heart

Tucked in the crisper’s corner
Sealed in a takeaway box
With the hotel’s compliments
A chocolate heart which once enclosed
Our wedding night’s candies and sweet romance
Has since exceptionally survived
One cancer scare
Two threatened miscarriages
Three childbirths
Four years of parenting
Five family “vacations”
Six anniversaries and whatnots
Seven days a week of
Hustle and bustle
Laughters and tears
Surprises and let-downs
And countless rounds of
Fiery quarrels and cold shoulders
In our arduous venture of finding out
What love really, really is
While the confection’s burgundy glaze
Is yet to mature into a Grand Cru
And despite having retained its glossy lustre
The musty heart is far from pleasant within
Perhaps, the stale, inedible reverie
Is preserved merely in our minds
For the yearning that
Our sweet, indelible memory
From that honeymoon suite
Will somehow be frozen in time


Colin Lee


With this week’s demands, I thought I wouldn’t be writing anymore – not until Lillian, our host for Tuesday’s Poetics, asked us to look into our fridge. Tell me, how could I not write about that chocolate memento from our wedding night’s dessert, which, over the years, my wife has so carefully preserved like a museum exhibit? (Update: A picture of the fossilised candy is now posted.)

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  1. “Tucked in the crisper’s corner
    Sealed in a takeaway box
    With the hotel’s compliments
    A chocolate heart which once enclosed
    Our wedding night’s candies and sweet romance”
    Now that is a real treat stored in a refrigerator! And yes….it has lived through all of those aspects of your marriage. From that first delectable wedding ceremony and honeymoon….to today. I’ve always said the heart has the ability to expand….and indeed, that one has! 🙂 A musty aging heart keeping its glossy luster…….I think that is a perfect metaphor for aging together in marriage…keeping the love alive! 🙂
    So very glad you posted this!

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    1. Thank you for reading. I really need this reminder to self as well. Though two persons were drawn together by the lovey-dovey sweetness, it’s only through maturing like a Grand Cru that a marriage will sublime instead of stale. It can’t be preserved like the candy, but must grow, evolve, adapt, through acceptance and forgiveness. Well, when it comes to experience, I’m still a pauper, and a clumsy one.

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    1. As always, so grateful of your reading and comments. Interesting that the form has caught your attention. I started from the volta, stacked the number pyramid on top, and encased the whole thing with the rest of the chocolate. In order to stretch my poetic voice, I’ve been experimenting with free verse lately … Quite surprised how some experiences are also applicable to form poetry. 🙂

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