Hope is the music we still hear
  When the singing has long ceased.
Hope is the sunlight we still see
  In the moonbeam rising east.
Hope is the kiss that lingers ’til
  We and loved ones again meet.
Hope is the journey—
  Yet complete.


Colin Lee


Time is a luxury in this hectic season. Even so, I believe it’s unforgivable to let the Mid-Autumn festivity pass without a coffee-break scribble (or a quick nod to Su Shi). With De hosting dVerse’s Quadrille #42 today, we’re to write a 44-word poem using the most timely of prompts – “hope”.

Photo Courtesy: kenmolly.com.tw

25 thoughts on “Hope

Add yours

    1. And you in mine, my friend. This week, we’ve got a major trade fair — well into Saturday evening. (How cruel … Who’s gonna come on Saturday anyway?) Hopefully I’ll be reading some good Jilly’s jade instead of swatting flies at the booth. (Just don’t tell my boss.)

      Pure joy of mine Christy is indeed. Can’t wait for my Sunday nap (with her on my chest, of course). Thanks for dropping by!

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      1. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go to a trade fair for a fun Saturday night!
        I remember holding my baby daughter on my chest in a rocking chair to get her to sleep, only to wake up two hours later in the same spot! It is bliss!

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