100 Reasons

With a heartful of gratitude, I’d like to write a note to commemorate the first 100 follows on my blog’s 7-month anniversary. While I must first apologise for having failed quite badly in reciprocating every reading, follow and poetry trail visit, I would like to express my thanks to you, kind-hearted, intelligent and creative minds, for sharing in my joy and passion for writing. You’ve made a world of difference to me!


100 Reasons

As one who’s penned more than a poem and a song,
I’m a rarity in everyday Hong Kong.
Some friends detest my quirk and bid so long—
While blames from loved ones can be fairly strong.
Thank you today for 100 reasons to prove them wrong.


Colin Lee


15 thoughts on “100 Reasons

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    1. Thank you, Randall. While my poetics is as remote from yours as Hong Kong to New York, I’m glad I’ve got to read your thought-provoking works that has been constantly broadening my intellectual horizon. Very happy to have come across you in the virtual world.


  1. I will try to say this without insulting your family and friends. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the way your mind works, your scholarship, and your facility with words is…really missing out on a good thing. Congratulations on your anniversary and your milestone!

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    1. You’ve made my day. Thank you! Frowns after frowns, I’d been asking myself if I were like one of those goofballs on talent show auditions that were unaware of their own dissonance. Now, with your assurance, I guess I’m just a llama living in a pack of sheep. Baa!

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    1. Thanks, Maria! 1000? Hm … I don’t suppose I can handle that amount of traffic (comments). I should be happy to keep the blog small and sweet — to be able to remember every name of you friendly, active visitors and to actually follow each other in the circle. The quality of these intellectual friendships can’t and shouldn’t be traded for quantity.

      Having said that and knowing the gist of the mechanics, I think it isn’t as hard as it seems if we wish to double our readerships overnight:

      1) Make sure your latest post has a stunning photo (flowers, pets and babies work best) and a passable work — short piece, not too long, in simple language.
      2) Ctrl+C: “So beautifully written! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to read more of your works!”
      3) Fly through the daily prompt pages and popular clubs. (Don’t bother to read!) Find a target. Scroll down to comment. Ctrl+V. Hit “like”. Click “follow”. Move on to the next target.
      4) Sit back, relax and watch it soar.

      Nah … I won’t do that. 😉


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