The Free Frisbees

Three bees see three frisbees appear
As wee freebies received with three cheers.
“Freaky frisbees ain’t frills!
Fishy freebies ain’t thrills!”
The bees flee as the frisbees flit near:
Though two seize the crisp breeze frisk’ly veer,
The third sneezes and freezes in fear.


Colin Lee


To loosen up for a change, I expanded a non-sense limerick to fill up a quadrille for dVerse Quadrille #40, prompt word “free” (which I used in “freebies” and “freezes”). Good luck to keep up with my anapaests amidst the tongue-twisting!

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28 thoughts on “The Free Frisbees

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      1. Here’s my attempt at completing it. I’ll post it in English in just a bit. Forgive any Bingisms!

        在羊毛阴影的光线下, 我们的幻想看到
        唤醒鸟儿的歌声, 想象的旋律掠夺

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      2. Haha. Not too bad actually. Some subjects and objects are reversed, and some word forms are mistaken. Good news is the imagery is still poetic even though Bing’s diction isn’t.


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