The Minstrel


Hello, friends. As fall descends upon us, Jilly’s Casting Bricks Challenge (Sep 2017) is on! Do click on the link and join our fantastic party of tandem poetry. Meanwhile, I’ll pick up a challenge from Charley and complete his faux-madrigal with a second half. Enjoy!


The Minstrel
By Charley & Colin Lee

I am but a minstrel, a singer of songs.
A righter of wrongs.
And I sing to make my mistress happy.
And I sing to bring her peace.

When my voice and my lute
Do not suffice,
I unsheathe my sword
And I become
The song to tame her wondrous beauty,
The song to capture her bliss,
Which sings of her eyes of fiery charm
And her lips of brimming honey.

The strings are slashed, the blade is split,
As I surrender my all:
For a minstrel knows where his heart belongs
In the heart of all his songs.


Photo Courtesy: Charley (Life in Portofino) / Pinterest

2 thoughts on “The Minstrel

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    1. That was partly inspired by the Chinese epics I read as a kid, since the strings of lutes often carry a romantic overtone in our language (usually tragic, however). Thanks for hosting, Jilly.

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