Cradled in my arms,
Heartbeat echoing mine
Resounds with my most
Impeccable of joy. O,
Save my melted heart, you
Tiny little dreamer.
I’m drenched and drowning like
Never before—in you, my
Answered prayer.

My little Christy was born on 10th August, 2017.


Colin Lee


A short write to commemorate this most special occasion, coincidentally qualifying for the week’s dVerse Quadrille #38, a 44-word piece with the prompt word “dream”. May you all please excuse my hiatus and lack of responses. Cheers!

33 thoughts on “Christina

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  1. Oh, oh, how precious she is. 💛 Congratulations to you and your family.

    Your poem reflects your joy and pride. Christina will be most thrilled to know you wrote this especially for her.

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  2. Goodness. I was not quite ready for this post today. You have me in a puddle of myself. She is just beautiful. I sent mine off to high school for the first time this week. Hold that tiny precious girl for as long as you can.

    My favorite part:
    Save my melted heart, you
    Tiny little dreamer.”

    They do that, don’t they? Save us and break us and save us all over again. Sigh. Perfect.

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    1. They do! I have to tell you, even though Christy has a striking resemblance to her eldest brother, Daddy’s little girl has a unique heart-melting superpower that simply can’t be matched by her bros’. Thank you, De, for hosting. Hope I’ll be back with the pub soon; for now I must treasure this moment very dearly before sending Christy off to high school, which I’m sure will come by in a mere blink of an eye. 😉


  3. How beautiful little Christy is! How precious your words too. I can imagine your joy and your thrill as you kiss her beautiful little face. Heaps of congratulations!
    Anna :o]

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    1. Heaps of thanks, Anna. You’re right: I can’t resist kissing her every morning and every night (while fearing my germs and stubble might be too much for her delicate face). Helplessly in love I am.


      1. i know that wonderful love, the intoxicating smell of a newborn and the soft kissable skin – there is no love like it.
        Christy is indeed beautiful Colin, her beautiful mouth almost smiling.
        Anna :o]

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      2. Oh, the smell. I literally can recognise my kids through smell. Timmy: tart apple, candied olives, wintry soil, sea salt. Benjy: peach, brie, sesame, cinnamon. Christy: cherry, fresh mozzarella, jasmine. Intoxicating!


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