Elemental Blessings

May the clouds that darken your prospect
Spare you from the hot sun’s glower.

May the rain that muddles your footing
Pour also in needed hours.

May the thunder that stirs up your fears
Reassure your faith with its power.

May the frost that deters ambitions
Keep your soil from turning sour.

May the wind that brushes against you
Dry up the sweat from your labour.

May the sun that scorches you cruelly
Work the weather in your favour.


Colin Lee


At a chaotic time like today, our host Paul Scribbles asked us to write a blessing poem at dVerse’s Poetics: Blessings. I wrote a set of six 17-syllable lines, which are, in terms of poetic qualities, neither haiku nor American sentences – perhaps I can claim mine as “Chinese sentences”? For the sake of my jest, I covered the post with a picture of Yunnan’s – the mystical Shangri-La in our country’s backyard. May love and goodness prevail at all times.

Photo Courtesy: alphacoders.com

27 thoughts on “Elemental Blessings

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    1. Thank you, Paul, for this most sanguine of prompts. I was working on a different poem and didn’t think I could squeeze in another one this week. Glad the muses found me at lunch break today! We all need (need!) this prompt like never before.


    1. Well, NJ, “most often” it really is! The fact that those of us who live around the equator don’t get to talk much about the weather … is really because there isn’t much to talk about, apart from saying … bless your air-conditioning to be functioning well and quiet throughout summer! lol

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    1. Thanks, Frank. I was verging on the cliche with this piece … but some old truths just never change. After all, the biggest blessings in life are within the ordinary, not the supernatural.

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  1. There is a great depth of wisdom in your words – glad you found a few lunch-time moments to share them. Though you claim your sentences as Chinese (clever!), your style in this is very traditionally Irish.
    By the way, Colin, I could not find anything that is an equivalent to the dueling couplets. I want to give that a try! I’m working on a post for July that is a challenge and hopefully we can get the word spread around. I think it will be grand! Again, I look forward to any input about the creative portion as well as the logistical.

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    1. I’m expecting to enter a semi-hiatus soon, with my third child (a daughter, yay!) due in a month. But do keep me posted, my friend. As long as I can make it, count me in at your party!

      Irish? Haven’t read any Irish in my life. Curious to know what gave you the impression. (Must be the Guinness I drank!)

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      1. Congratulations! May your daughter be a blessing to you for all of your days. Speaking of which, that is the Irish style I meant. A classic Irish blessing poem:
        ‘May the road rise up to meet you,
        may the wind be always at your back, may the sunshine warm upon your face, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.’
        Your blessing poem was very much in that style. (Definately the Guinness!)

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      2. Cheers, Jilly. I pray she’ll be a blessing to many, and not just me. Strange to admit: I have hardly written any works inspired by or dedicated to my sons … yet, but I do feel the nudge to do one for my daughter. Maybe something “Irish”? I don’t know. Gotta grab a Guinness and muse over it!

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  2. Thank you for your blessing, I really liked,
    “May the thunder that stirs up your fears
Reassure your faith with its power.”
    The picture is surreal too. I’ve visited Yunnan and Shangrila but don’t remember the terraced fields. It’s beauty actually reminded me much of my home, Colorado, but including mystical Tibetan scripted prayers on the mountainsides.

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    1. You’re most welcome, Amaya. Glad you like it. I saw plenty of those on my last trip to Shangrila though. It’s a large province — we can never see enough! 🙂


    1. Hm … droughts and floods casting their lots … sounds like our severely deforested north. I fear this is another example where the climates have lost their balance. Anyway, thank you for blessing me with your dropping by. 🙂

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