Mind the Gap

A step away
Destinies apart
Chasm between worlds
Negligibly narrow


Colin Lee


A snapshot on my way to work this morning, as prompted by dVerse’s Poetics: And the sign said….

24 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

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    1. Thanks, Sarah. I started with two short stanzas (with a physical gap between); but then I thought the poem shouldn’t be longer than the gap itself was wide, thus I trimmed it down to these 10 words (using the middle two lines to paint a lexical gap). Less is more, I suppose?


  1. Power in these few words…..my mind leaps metaphorically here! Mind the Gap indeed! LOVE it! GREAT choice and wonderful words. So much meaning in so few words. I shall never let the words of the conducter on our commuter rail, at the stops, on the microphone, “Mind the Gap” just float by my ears again! 🙂

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    1. That idiom somehow tickled my physicist’s ear (rather than the other, poet’s, ear) as it reminded me of some sweet relativity. Ha! Of course, this is after all still relativity, though of our relational universe! Thank you, Bev, for always dropping me amusingly chewable lines like Christmas pressies!


    1. That was taken in Hong Kong (well, to be politically correct, alright, it’s China). The station had been there since the steamies’ days in the colonial years when, I suppose, a curved track was a lesser bother than blasting down the knolls to straighten it. Every now and then little people (definitely not me!) fall through the gap, but so far no major accidents occured.

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  2. You have captured, through metaphor and photo, a truth, that there are gaps / differences in cultures, which we need to be respectfully mindful of, while we realize our more pronounced commonalities of humanness. Well done!

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    1. Thank you, Jilly. To me, the gap encompass more than cultural difference but also that of individual experience, literally between every soul. We share part of the journey with some, change trains, rub shoulders with some others, and cross over the gap, time and time again … To me, the gap can be of space and also of time, between those waiting and those travelling, and between those coming together and those changing course. Anyway, I’m glad we share a ride today, my friend.

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