Office Ironies

Tots who lack feed
Tend to whine
Men who don’t read
Grunt like swine

Dogs with no grit
Bark all day
Those horse round shit
Fart and neigh

Hens short on eggs
Hush up fears
Dicks on last legs
Deserve cheers

Stubborn old-school
Know it all
Those play the fool
Take the fall


Colin Lee


Please excuse the language and ire – dying for a good laugh myself. I’m having one of those weeks that I again contemplate on handing in my notice. Nasty office politics aplenty, when the boss is as manipulatable as a sheep – no fool like an old fool.

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9 thoughts on “Office Ironies

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  1. Haha! Office culture is universal. (Good to know; I’ll do my best to stay out of the office!) Your language is perfect. The poet’s voice (see, that allows you deniability; you can say, “It’s only the poet’s voice!”) is perfect, profane, and just a tad peevish. …as should be.

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