Midnight Poetry Prompt, a Lai

Temptation had me
To scribble at 3—

A what? “lie”? or … “lei”?
Oh, a “lay”. I see.
French? j’aime!

Still trapped in the spree,
I’m falling … asleep
Like … bam!


Colin Lee


This happens often when one participates in a poetry club halfway round the world. I woke up mid-sleep, picked up the prompt from dVerse’s Meet The Bar: Lai It On!, failed to resist, hurried a scribble … in order to fall peacefully back to sleep. I have to admit poetry is one of the best and the worst addictions in life.

Photo Courtesy: etc.usf.edu

38 thoughts on “Midnight Poetry Prompt, a Lai

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    1. Thank you, Victoria, for your fun and clever prompt. I find my half-asleep mind takes up a different poetic voice — perhaps like the croakiness one suffers in the wee hours? Anyway, jolly good fun.

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    1. Well, in Sweden isn’t it either the long days of summer or the long nights of winter (whilst the latter’s darkened “day” not considered as night), I suppose? 🙂


    1. Thanks NJ! It tickles me my poem is considered adorable. Jolly to find my mischief agreeable. The earbugs, huh? Memo it down and put my mind to rest … That’s what I do. (Not this lai though since it only took me a jiffy.)

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  1. “addicted to poetry”……….a wordamania are you. I’ve awakened in the middle of the night, jumped up, written something down, wake up the next morning and even with a strong cup of coffee, there is no way I can read my handwriting! 😦

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    1. The midnight scribbles — impressionism at its best? Ha! Wait til the next night and read again, perhaps? Wordamania … merely a novice one … Still learning from you masters and experts. 🙂 Thanks, Lillian!

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  2. There are worse addictions. This one, at least, doesn’t expand the waistband or leave you unconscious in your car at a McDonald’s drive-thru…. Great lai, no lie! Bam! 🙂

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  3. The rhythm, the rhyme, the writing in this poem was so wonderfully and cleverly executed from beginning to end. It was also fun to read! Thanks for sharing. I think this just become one of my favorite poems on here. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Just followed and looking forward to more of your posts, keep it up!! I think this is the power in poetry- it’s fun and we need to see more of that!


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      1. Well, whatever gets the ball rolling, right? 🙂 I just checked out your other poems though, and more than fun, I think they’re highly compelling. Particularly enjoyed Crowd Control 🙂

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