Creed to Rhyme with Years

Though we are but like weed,
Temporarily here
Until turning to grime,
We’re birthed forth to succeed
Mankind’s duties far and near—
’Tis the hour of our prime.
May all our word and deed
Thus echo loud and clear
Down the passage of time.


Colin Lee


A short write, of exactly 44 words, to echo the booming in dVerse’s Quadrille #32.

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12 thoughts on “Creed to Rhyme with Years

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    1. Regardless of worldviews, isn’t it the causality of our word and deed the very disposition of our moral values, be it divine justice, karma or survivability of species? Fascinating to think when most of the world disagree on their beliefs (even amongst the same church or religious sect or the various branches of agnostics and atheists), yet we can still in general agree on what is good and what is evil, and, with that, endorse the laws that govern our society and embrace the heroes and heroines of charity.

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      1. Jonathan Haidt (The Righteous Mind) provides evidence that there are six innate, “organized prior to experience”, moral foundations that culture can work on. This would help explain the similarity of moral beliefs in spite of the cultural differences in religious beliefs.

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    1. Thanks, De. This has got to be one of my favourite prompts, very thought provoking indeed. I figured it would be about three lean tercets when I started and checked the word count only when I was done … with the indescribably satisfying realisation of the hole-in-one jackpot of 44 words! Lucky me.

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    1. Thanks, Bjorn. I found it quite an interesting combination of prompts (echo and soil) to open the week: life passing into ashes and dusts for the birth of the new while living on as echoes of the old. The prompting is poetry enough.


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