On Soggy Grass

A nocturne by nature’s improvise of
After-rain chirps and sing-song croaks,
Chorused by many a besotted creature, chants
In the shadows where
The listener’s gaze hovers briefly
But never lands

Like a blind novice fumbling with his instrument
The listener limps after
The mystical rising and falling of yet
Another moonlit cadence
To compose for him music of the pursuers
And the pursued—

The pedagogics of instincts,
At the clouded apex of indulgence which
Weaves and binds all lives into circles, the very shape
Of the silvery moon behind the haze, lulls, slowly,
The besotted soul and creatures
Into their dreams


Colin Lee


Note: Experimenting with a more liberal expression while strolling on the night grass. Linking this up to dVerse’s Open Link Night #195.

Photo Courtesy: pxleyes.com

14 thoughts on “On Soggy Grass

Add yours

    1. Thank you, Ma’am! Twas a spontaneous scribble about the bugging of the spring bugs … Expecting infestation in a few weeks — unsure if I’ll be able to maintain this poetic warmth towards them by then!


    1. Agree … and I’m afraid we will soon lose such petty freedom here. Just last week, some busybody called the police to complain about some kids running (legally) in an open space of a public patk — life inside an overcrowded cage where plenty of loonies wish you’re a cabbage. Can’t wait to get out when conditions allow!


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