Limp-a-leg on Messy Rhymes

Dearest Frank, look at what you have done
With this prompt you’ve just stolen my lunch
I am now out of time
Gotta use sloppy rhymes
Even though ’tis a mess like that … Trump

Colin Lee


Note: My first take on a limerick. The pesky metre and tricky rhymes are beyond what I initally expected for a lunch-break poem. All thanks (and blames!) to our dear Frank who prompted us in dVerse’s Form for All: Limericks.

Photo Courtesy: Bored Panda

10 thoughts on “Limp-a-leg on Messy Rhymes

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  1. Now that was very funny. I could see you in your cafeteria writing this out, or at your desk eating a sandwich while others wondered, “What is that fellah, doing?” To which semi-allies replied, “Oh that is just Colin – eatin’ too much fish and thinkin’ physics will do that to ya. He’s OK.”

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      1. “Chef,” said I, “easy on that bak choy.
        If you will, add in some bits of soy.
        Guess I don’t want no bao
        Lest my hair fall like Mao’s
        And my Dad think I’m one commie boy.”

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  2. The slant rhymes helped to make the “Trump” ending unexpected. This was your first limerick? The hardest part for most people, in my experience, is following a meter and your meter was perfect. Nice one!

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    1. Thanks, Barry! Got plenty of materials these days … Putin, Xi, Duterte, Le Pen, Kim … Whether left or right, they all do or say very funny things, yet none of them has any sense of humour.

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