A Cosy Pub

Come on in, friends, and have a seat
The cosy place is quite a treat
For folks to gather and to meet

Hear the crowd’s roaring along
By that terrible honky-tonk
To Wannabe Wayne’s rhymeless song?

Stutter Sam’s on his stand-up talk—
A toast of Mika’s cultural shock,
A roast of Archie’s writer’s block

There at the bar sits Enrico
Pouring out pennies from his dole
A pauper on sabbatical

Underage Rachel is sneaking in
Dreadfully chemoed, dreadfully thin
Sipping perhaps her last of gin

Next to her is same old Jen
Mulling over her previous men
Wishing to be young again

For Mum to fetch his new daddy
Little Gavin is here to see
The man who lost his custody

Amidst the fuddle and the fun,
Pete is meeting his stillborn son
And Gill has found her long lost Mum

Drinking these in is Colin Lee
Scribbling another clichéd piece
By the corner of their destinies


Colin Lee


Note: A sloppy scribble to distract my stressed-out mind (under a headache too) as Paul in dVerse’s Poetic: Community prompted us to write a poem with community at its heart.

Photo Courtesy: Alphacoders.com

8 thoughts on “A Cosy Pub

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    1. How are you, my friend? I’m flying back from the UK (for business). Thank Heavens I’m not taking BA — total chaos it seems. Thank you for dropping by! Speaking of pubs, I got to visit quite a handful in this visit. Splendid time.


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