Still Growing up

Too much thinking to care
Too little caring to think
A head of greying hair
Ahead in draining of ink

Ransacked by parenting
Payback to ageing parents
Expenses unrelenting
Expendability inherent

First up for sacrifices
Last to be remembered
Loneliness suffices
January through December

Too young for maturity
Too old for innocence
Striving hard for security
Second round of adolescence—

If only I could be rebellious too!


Colin Lee


Note: Excuse the poetic exaggerations, a shout-out to fellow in-betweens, the labelless that have expired from young-adulthood but yet to be middle-aged, who are crawling fatiguely on the no-man′s land towards the otherworldly mirage of retirement. Notwithstanding the (attemptedly) comical deprecation, I shall remain thankful for all the little things in life. Linking this up to dVerse′s Open Link Night #194.

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18 thoughts on “Still Growing up

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  1. Poetic exaggerations or not Colin, this
    “Too young for maturity
    Too old for innocence”
    rings true (throughout life) for me, and I love it!
    Never grew old inside!
    Anna :o]

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  2. Ah, Colin, do stop apologizing for what you write! Do you see me apologizing for my decidedly (atrocious) American spelling of words? 🙂 A poet is a poet, and cannot help him- or herself. Those who read and distance themselves are those who miss out by not “getting it.” A deep, thoughtful write here.

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