What Are You, O Little One?

What are you, O little one?
Are you a jar of memories
Cast adrift the flow of time
Tossed and shoved by wants and fears
Waiting for the tides to turn?

What are you, O little one?
Are you an unfinished book
With some pages rashly torn
And some others blank or blotched
Waiting for the ink to dry?

What are you, O little one?
Are you an unneeded pest
Scrounging for some room and board
Like a captain of some sort
Waiting for the ship to berth?

What are you, O little one?
Are you a pearl hidden deep
Beneath a thousand shadows
And strata of destiny
Waiting for a chance to glint?

What are you, O little one,
Are you the spill of yesterdays
Or my fill for tomorrows?
What are you, O little one,
O little fleeting soul of mine?


Colin Lee


Note: Linking this up to dVerse’s Open Link Night #193  As Grace said, to write one poem, one has to read a thousand of them. And as a new blogger who just spent a month gorging on living, breathing poetry (written by living, breathing, inspiring poets of dVerse), and a week and half of subsequent indigestion, I do feel an emergence of new voices in my head.

Photo Courtesy: Alphacoders.com

21 thoughts on “What Are You, O Little One?

Add yours

    1. So glad you took the time to scrutinise them all, Laura. Backgrounds from different world views, philosophies, traditions and even stages of life would put on us different lenses in considering the different facets of this age-old puzzle — part of the reason I’d like to write this poem to investigate the different takes from people. Thanks for being a good sport yourself, Ma’am! Some say the soul is a mirage; some argue the the world is the mirage. I think therefore I am? Or all that I was? Or that I have been? Or which I will be? I find it fascinating to consider all these possibilities.


  1. Beneath a thousand shadows
    And strata of destiny

    This one spoke to me, shadows keep so many secrets for us, we seldom give them the credit they deserve, so I loved the way you wrote this. and strata of destiny – this was powerful! Ever so often we think we are meant for one pat in life and then a fork appears and we need to decide to take it or leave it, creating the strata’s in our lives. This is what it said to me. Nice to read you Colin! – Gina

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    1. Wow! What I wrote out of a vague impression, you reinvigorated it with vivid and realistic details, Gina. So glad you stopped by and took my scribbling so very earnestly. It’s truly my honour. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I so admire the approach, each stanza, with a difference perspective ~ The ending stanza ties it all up together ~ Thank you for joining us Colin ~ Have a good weekend ~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joining the pub is truly one of the best things in my life as of late, keeping me companied at a time when many friends happened to be all moving on to their new seasons and destinations. Thank you for making me so welcomed all the time!


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