Life is a huge balloon
At one small slip
It flies beyond the moon

Life is a huge balloon
At one small nick
It’s all popped and strewn

Life’s but a small balloon,
A huge Big Bang
Of Sturm und Drang,
Wherein we loon


Colin Lee


Note: With a puff of helium from dVerse’s Quadrille #29, I tried to blow up this balloony baloney without popping the 44-word limit.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images


19 thoughts on “Balloon

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    1. Thanks, Frank.
      And perhaps, when we get out of this big balloon, we may find even the most profound wisdom in here may sound as laughable as a burp of helium out there. So much for the Sturm und Drang of life.

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    1. Recently clear from a cancer scare while entering the threshold of a rather early midlife crisis … and finding myself now in more threats, trials, disapointments and uncertainties. The world does seem terrifyingly bigger and smaller at times like this, I’m afraid.


  1. Life can definitely be a loony, emotional roller-coaster ride. Maybe our lives are just a burp in the scheme of things, but I think/feel maybe not. A reason for each season. Thought-provoking poem, Colin.

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    1. Thank you, Olga, for your thoughtful comment. I believe you’re right. There must be more to life than this … such as your kind-hearted gesture to someone feeling blue.

      Some reasons for some seasons indeed.

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