Her midnight tantrums
Unprompted and wild
Rumbled off my slumber
Relentless like a child’s
Until she wept
And wept herself to sleep

Upon morning’s break
Forgotten’s the storm
I found myself embraced
In her womanly warmth
Sloppy, wet and dreamy –
O how she kissed!


Colin Lee


Note: Prompted by dVerse’s Quadrille #28: a 44-word poetic challenge on “spring”. To create the intended imagery, I’ve only applied the prompt on the poem’s title. My apologies to the host for the little cheat.

Photo Courtesy: wall.alphacoders.com

10 thoughts on “Spring

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    1. Thank you, Kim. You made it!

      The typical spring weather over here is occasional midnight thunder followed by an overnight drizzle, which gives us some sloppy morning dew and heavy fog. (Humidity sometimes even exceeds 100%!)

      This somehow reminds me of the early days in my marriage: as young lovers we quarrelled fiercely at night; we slept on it, sulky and weepy; but we usually managed to make up in the morning. Apparently, I was oblivious to the workings of the womanly mood, and still pathetically clueless about it today; but my lady is always the forgiving angel. I’m blessed. 😉

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