My child, my child
Are you with me?
The world is wild
Do you not see?
You’re a goldfish
Bright is your gleam
Why would you wish
The risky streams?

Papa, Papa
That is not true
We are all carp
Both me and you
See my smooth scales?
Great for a plunge!
Look at my tail
It packs a punch!

My child, my child
Those will not do
The world is wild
You won’t get through
Please your master
Dance him a jig
Easy dinner
Juicy and big

Papa, Papa
This is my plea
We are all carp
Born to be free
The world is wild
So is my dream
Though I’m your child
I live for the streams


Colin Lee


p.s. Though written as an uncomplicated children’s rhyme, the selection’s epilogue serves as the manifesto for my creative desires and the prompting to launch my own blog. Today, I am still a goldfish in the tank, but with some hopping and flopping, some practices and postings, I hope, some day soon, I’ll be living my dream, free as a fish in the streams.

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