Have You and I Not Learned Enough?

Note: A poem written before joining the blogging community, to a world of polarised politics and insufferable chaos. Linking it up to d’Verse on 23rd Mar, 2017, while extending sympathy to my second home, London, and her people.

21 thoughts on “Have You and I Not Learned Enough?

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    1. There’s no one-size-fit-all solution from a humanistic sense, and there are always costs and trade-offs in whichever path a society chooses. The least I can do is to remind ourselves the lessons from history in order to make our choices as informedly as we can, because the consequence, as our repeating history told us, can make or break the world. Poignant times indeed.


    1. Thanks, Bev! I found your mentioning of “men” intriguing. Though I’m sure you didn’t intend any gender implication, I do wonder how history would have turned out if women had been counselled in all of our past decisions … perhaps we wouldn’t have known what wars and terrors were.


    1. Thanks, Frank! I’m surprised by the number of rhymes (and near-rhymes) I dug up for this rather uncommon foot; in a way, the thinking and crafting became easier when writing with conviction and passion. This is why I consider this poem a personal favourite, whereas its somewhat minimal artistry serves as its strength (in the clarity of message) rather than a flaw. 🙂

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  1. The human race is full of beauty and magic and kindness and compassion and courage and…I could go on…we are in the main, a good bunch…there is I think, an elite who seek to separate themselves, who hold too much power and who will, if left unfettered, destroy us all. I do not think we have learned much at all.

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    1. And … in all of our human goodness and well-intended actions, we remain so very human, limited and imperfect. We are like little children, stumbling and toddling, falling and tripping every now and then, but, hopefully, moving forward.


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