To Windows 10 and Beyond

The personal computer isn’t
Really personal or lovable
Rather like Pandora’s prison,
In which lurk all sorts of evil
That creep up from behind your Windows
And wreak more havoc than you’ll know

Access is what you’ll never access
As at Excel you’ll never excel
Price for Office is beyond excess
When you only know Word well
There, there, my friend, don’t be cross
It could’ve been worse with MS-DOS

Now and then the system updates
And crashes with an unsaved file
Although you swear and curse Bill Gates
You pray restart will come awhile
For if you see yourself on the big, black screen
You’ll find it much scarier than Halloween

Win 10 puts out a free upgrade
With constant threat to self-download
Who cares about this PR raid,
Save the Chinese copying the code?
Anyhow, to call it user-friendly is a cheat
For what you can’t control, alter or delete!


Colin Lee


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