On Our Fifth Anniversary

My dearest love,

Come and gone have been five connubial years
Since honeymoon smoldered like candlelight
Now talks of forever bring scoffs and sneers,
Or of perfect love and its virtuous might
We’ve smacked lips and cheeks, shared laughters and tears
In all candour to our human finite

You’re no divine Venus, my heart to pierce
Nor me your rescuing, heroic knight
We’re just equally flawed, ordinary peers
Bracing each other up in helpless fright,
Stranded in tides too high and waves too fierce
Waiting upon Heaven’s all-saving light

But as we pray to God who gives and steers
Let’s press on in faith to fight the good fight
Til we hear holy bells and angels’ cheers
And rest in sweet eternity’s delight
For if time were wound back by magic gears
And history granted a chance of rewrite,
Would I not refuse destiny the slightest skew
But vow even so to love and to cherish you?


Colin Lee


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