A White-collar’s Poem

Reports, PowerPoints, charts and protocols –
Where the heck’s my Panadols?
Two hundred overnight messages by dawn,
With bosses yelling, “Bring it on!”
Mortgage, dues and kiddies’ tuitions –
’Least twice as much my commissions.
Armani suits, LV shoes and Rolex bling –
Reasons enough for next caller’s ring!

“Good Lord! Who’s taken an after-morning pill?”
“Shredder’s got Georgie’s divorce bill!”
Gossips in pantry, what else’s on people’s lips,
Save happy-hour ventures on business trips?
Managers, CXOs, directors and presidents –
An imaginative ladder of flamboyance
Never mind the kiss marks on your boss’s arse,
Just cackle along his same old farce!

Boy, who cares about certification?
Speak jargons and acronyms,
Which in itself’s a profession
To the big fat world of pretension
When thirty years are past,
With retirement coming fast,
None of your causes is gonna last
To please your customers? What bogus myth!
Wake up with a dose of Adam Smith!


Colin Lee


Photo Courtesy: catholicdadsonline.org

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